We strive to keep your vehicle on the road.
Specialising in O.E. & Replacement Parts for all TATA Trucks, LDV’s & Cars
011 472 6755 / 011 472 7819 Farouk Khan:  082 850 2885
Cnr 3rd Avenue & Lockies Lane Florida, Opposite Shoprite
In   a   new   business,   importation   and   sales   of   new   TATA   parts.   This   came   about   as it   became   a   reality   that   there   was   a   great   demand   for   TATA   parts,   as   a   huge shortage   was   noticable   in   the   market   place.   TATA   owners   were   frustrated   and dissapointed   as   the   vehicle   was   relatively   cheap   but   parts   was   a   problem.   This situation   arose   as   TATA   had   taken   off   so   well   in   SA   and   parts   were   of   short supply. This is where New Heights specialising in TATA parts comes to the rescue. A TATA parts outlet, situated on the West Rand, Florida, catering for the after market. The moto of New Heights specialising in TATA parts - We strive to keep your vehicle on the road. TATA   owners   are   now   so   pleased   that   they   now   found   an   alternate   supplier catering   for   their   needs.   New   Heights   specialising   in   TATA    parts,    have   gone the   extra   mile   to   help   TATA   owners   in   sourcing   parts   for   their   vehicle,   locally, nationally and if all else fails, air freighted from India. Deliveries    at    R100.00    to    Pretoria,    East    Rand,    West    Rand.    Rustenburg, Vereeniging, Potchefstroom, Witbank etc We have a large inventory of engine, gearbox, suspension and body parts.
Emergency number - 082 850 2885 If your car or truck has a breakdown “We will do our utmost to get it back on the road”
We carry our own warrantees.
The   efficient   and   timely   supply   of   quality TATA   parts   remains   one   of   our   main   priorities. The   implementation   of   this      philosophy   has   restricted   the   downtime   on trucks   to   the   bare   minimum.   Our   dedicated   team   aims   to   provide   high   quality      service   to   our   customers.   Swift   turnaround   time   through   quick   and   easy   supply of parts through weekly stock orders, fast moving items are readily available while more urgent parts are ordered and delivered within a short period of time. We aim to reduce down time and disruptions to our clients’ business whilst giving excellent customer after sale service.
Our sales staff are knowledgeable about the TATA brand. Give us a call today to discuss what TATA parts and spares you require - 011 472 6755 / 011 472 7819
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Your alternate TATA parts solution - Speciailizing in OE & replacement parts for all TATA Trucks, Cars & Ldv’s
We are not an authorised TATA parts   dealer   &   not   affiliated   to   TATA SA    whatsoever.    Any    products    we sell   are   not   warranted   by   the   official distributors or licencees of TATA.
Note: Manufactures names, models & pictures are used for reference purposes only.
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